Panhandling has become more and more prominent over the last 10 or so years in the United States and several towns, cities and communities have taken notice.

While many people that panhandle and ask for cash, some are in true need and some are just asking for your cash to cover their next drug fix, to help with their lifestyle and some make more money that average Americans like you and me. Yes, some ARE IN REAL NEED and we want to help them.

There are several things that people in real need can do while not making your community look trashy to others.

I built this website to help bring awareness to those that give, those that either are for or against panhandling and to help stop panhandling in your area.

I live in Roanoke, Virginia where we recently have seen a huge panhandling issue and the city no longer has proper laws against it. In recent months, we have seen large number of people at street corner, after street corner asking for a hand out. I'm not against helping people, BUT when your asking for money for your next fix or to help cover your car payment, I have an issue with that. I'd rather help people in real need but it's hard when those that pretend to be in need are right along side the ones that actually do.

I hope that I can help enlighten your awareness of this issue that spans across several towns and cities here in the country and I hope I can help you with alternatives in helping those in real need.

Our group mission is the following:

#1. To help identify those in real need and to offer help but NOT give cash. 
#2. To educate the public about panhandling, how BEST to deal with it as a community, how we can get people off the streets and back into society. 
#3. To point out those that scam and only help themselves and continue to hurt the situation at hand.

I built this website for the purposes of the following:

  • Educate Roanoke area citizens about the uprising in panhandling since Summer 2016. 
  • Help identify those that are in REAL NEED verses those that SCAM everyday people like you and me and those that use it to get a drug fix, pay for their normal lifestyle and how they go about making money, often times hundreds of dollars a day.
  • Encourage the city of Roanoke to change its laws to reflect other local cities and how they deal with panhandlers. While standing on the corner with a sign is legal under our first amendment rights, it's illegal to solicit or loiter without a permit and that is a form of panhandling, which is illegal.
  • Help citizens understand why people panhandle, the abuse of panhandling and shed light on what people do with the money you give them
  • Educate citizens on how to deal with the issue and provide alternative ways you can help other than giving cash.
What this is NOT ABOUT:

  • Its NOT about homelessness. While it sometimes coincides with panhandling to some degree, the issue is to weed out the scammers. 
  • It's not to bash, condone or belittle those that are in REAL need. If YOU ARE IN REAL NEED THEN ASK FOR US FOR HELP, WE ARE HERE TO HELP GET LIFE BACK ON TRACK. There are several people that are in true need of assistance and a few of them do panhandle. Instead of giving cash, there are other ways to help that I outline on the website and Facebook page.  By educating the people in real need of assistance, we can get them off the streets and push them into the help they can get through the various programs right here in the Roanoke Valley. While we WILL confront and point out the scammers in the Roanoke Valley who take money for the purposes of fulfilling their lifestyles, scammers abuse panhandling by interfering with citizens helping those that are in true need. We will also not ban together for the purposes of demonstrating where these known scammers are located at. Our goal is to get people help where it's needed, get them off the streets and to stop those that take advantage of panhandling.  
  • We are not about protesting in groups of any kind. Rather we ARE about making the public aware of the situation and inform our neighbors about how best to deal with both the real needy as well as those that scam full time here in the Roanoke Valley. Contrary to what some online trolls are saying, we are not bashing homeless people, poor people let alone panhandlers. Yes, we ARE bringing to light the scammers and we're allowing the public to be informed of them. 
Our website is for members of the Facebook Group and is intended for educational purposes for the members of the group. For full access to the website and it's contents, please join us at our Facebook Page. Views expressed are the opinions of the authors of the content and the comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the group.

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