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Hi friends! Welcome to Stop the Panhandling, a website where we alert citizens to local area Panhandlers and those that pretend to be panhandlers. Our website, in conjunction with the Virginia Panhandling Epidemic Facebook group educates citizens on how best to deal with those seeking money, tax free.

We are a group to help panhandlers get off the streets and back into society in Virginia.

We've setup a website to help educate others in the area http://www.stopthepanhandling.com/ which is for MEMBERS only.

Our Mission for the Roanoke Valley as we continue to Grow...

#1. To help identify those in real need and to offer help through other avenues than giving cash.
#2. To educate the public about panhandling, how BEST to deal with it as a community, how we can get people off the streets and back into society.
#3. To point out those that scam and only help themselves and continue to hurt the situation at hand, people in real need.

If you have a question, please let us know!

Greg Hilson - Admin
Steven T. Jones - Author/Admin


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