Monday, July 3, 2017

Panhandling Secrets They DONT Want You to Know

Look for these Panhandling Secrets so YOU Don't Get Scammed

A few years ago there was a man right herein the Roanoke Valley that would panhandle over in the Tanglewood mall area, at the off ramp intersection of 220 and Franklin Road. Even today, its a pretty popular spot among those trying to get some free money.

The man in question kept getting around pretty well, so much in fact that some citizens noticed he would get into his new BMW and drive away. That man, who has sense them moved out of the area, was making over $60,000 a year ALL tax free.

Richard, as he was known to many in the area, played a great image of being a panhandler. Today, many of the "professionals" out there have created some well know tips in order to help maximize their appearance and demeanor as well as pull at your emotions to WANT to give money. He was finally arrested over near the Tanglewood KFC and sentenced because of some other crimes that he had been doing.

Today, I'd like to share a few of these tips so you will be able to help better spot a fake person in need verse someone that really does need the help in the first place.

Look the Part

Looks are one of the most important aspects of panhandling. You make thousands of instant impressions and you need to be aware of the fine line between looking needy and looking scary. Certainly, being clean and looking happy does not help people justify to themselves to give you money.

But swinging too far to the disheveled and miserable appearance can be unapproachable for many. One of the biggest turn-offs for would-be donors is if you appear to be on drugs, so avoid manic looks. Find the happy medium where you look needy but not desperate.

Many panhandlers remove their shoes, wear baggy clothing, and do not shave or trim their hair.

Have a Unique Message

You may be thinking, how can a panhandler read these tips to be more successful if they are out begging on the street? You may be surprised at how many have smart phones. There is even one panhandler known for taking credit cards with his smart phone!

But these tips are not for them- they are living that life already. These tips are for you, and you may need these tips in a personal financial crisis or during a widespread financial collapse. This is where a unique and cohesive message is important. If millions of beggars are taking to the street to fight over the same scraps and change, what will set you apart?

You need to hone a unique message to beat the competition. Entertaining signs, patriotic flags, and other methods of presenting a unique message are all fair game. Being very relevant to a niche is more important in these cases than being relevant to all. In areas where multiple panhandlers are competing, the stronger messages and presentation win out.

Know the Area Laws

Smart professional panhandlers will know and understand the laws so they can work around them. Not all areas of the United States are the same and it's up to the local government to make and enforce these laws if there are any.

However, in 2016 in a federal case against the city of Charlottesville and a well known panhandler there,  it was ruled that panhandling is a part of being freedom of speech, allowing many of them to freely stand on any given corner and "Fly Their Sign" as panhandlers often call it.

Many cities are coming up with new laws to work around the freedom of speech, such as not standing in the median of a street or fining those drivers that donate cash to a panhandler.

The Ultimate Rule, Giving People What THEY Want

Whether you’ve heard this sung by the O’Jays in the 70s or the Kinks in the 80s, it is sound business advice. 

People give money to beggars and panhandlers to fulfill a need of their own. 

Religion, moral obligation, and personal connection are all major factors to why people feel compelled to give to those in need. Having your message and appearance revolve around your audience is important. Religious signs are very successful in certain regions and veteran signs are successful in others. 

Remember, that a panhandler, is not getting money for free. 

They are providing an experience to the people giving, and a fulfillment to one of their needs that may be as simple as doing a good deed for the day. Sadly, this is an emotional play in order to live a nice, tax free lifestyle for many. 

As long as people are not educated about the reality of people panhandling and how little of them are homeless or in need, people will continue to give. 

The real problem is that these scammers get in the way of those that are truly in need and wanting to seek help. What is really happening is that there are wolves in sheep clothing, people that prey on your emotions in order to live, putting cash in their hands and leaving the ones that are in need, still in need.


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