Monday, June 26, 2017

Blessing Bag Program in Need

Hi friends!

Many that follow the blog here know about our Blessing Bag program that I started in August of 2016 here in Roanoke.

We recently started a Go Fund Me campaign to attempt to have citizens provide funding for this great mini-program rather than paying it out of my own pocket.

The program is designed to help those on street corners of Roanoke city and Roanoke county, people that otherwise need a small gesture of help each month.

Well, the program has only raised $205, roughly 18% of the month needed to keep it going for the next 12 months which covered May and June 2017.

July 2017 is going to be a short month unless we can get others in the community to help donate even just a few dollars.

I'm asking that you please help make a donation or visit the website with your computer or tablet and click on an advertisement in order to help put a few cents in our pockets to pay for the program. (Or at least share the link with everyone so others can help)

To date, since Feb 2017 when we started the website, we have raised $111.97 in addition to the GFM page.

One of my good friends Steve has donated a nice Silver American coin that he would like to give away. The coin has a value of approximately $65-70 and he is going to pick a donor at random to win the coin once the program has been fully funded.

This is a wonderful way to help the homeless and the truly needy without giving to those that are on the street corners. Placing a few dollars with the program ensures that items will be given to homeless and needy right here in Roanoke.

You can visit the Go Fund Me Blessing Bag Program to make a donation or you can reach out to the admins on our Stop the Panhandling Facebook group and ask how you can help participate in donating items or time for the cause.

Blessing Bag Program in Roanoke

  • Started August 2016
  • Was funded personally by me each month until May 2017. 
  • Average cost each month is about $100
  • We started a GFM page to help try and pay for it over the next 12 months
  • Hoping to get the community to be involved by helping homeless or those that need the help

Ways to Help!

  • Make a donation to the group
  • Volunteer your time in handing out bags
  • Donate small items to the program
  • Share on social media
  • Click on an advertisement on our website, that also helps put cash into the program!!


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