Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Your Thoughts on How to Clean Up Roanoke

Hi Friends! Within just 24 hours of posting a recent article about Roanoke's most aggressive panhandler and her team of "homeless" people that work with her (Yup she has some), that one article has received over 102,000 hits and over 41 different messages, some good and some bad. Keep up the great work team, our FB Group membership has spiked up to a little more than 1,400+ members.

Today, we want to hear from you on how Roanoke City can best deal with panhandlers, help the ones in real need while getting rid of these known scammers that take advantage of people on the various street corners as shown on our map.

Please comment below and let us know how BEST to deal with this issue. Please leave your political comments at the door, this is NOT a right wing or left wing issues, it's an issue for everyone living or working in the Roanoke area, whether you agree about it or not, the issue is standing on these street corners. 



  1. I for one would have a law that not only outlaws panhandling, but for those that have repeat offenses, they would have to serve jail time and if they did it again even more jail time IMO. I bet we would get them off the streets real quick!

  2. I just tried to join the Facebook Panhandling Epidemic group, and it suddenly vanished from sight. Is there a problem, Josh Gabrielson? For all of you who are following this libelous attack on me, stay tuned. The TRUTH will come out soon. Follow closely. And remember, we are all LIABLE for our actions. Panhandling is LEGAL, but what has been done to me on the internet is NOT. I have the TRUTH, you do NOT. Some zealous following stemming from a few hate-filled posts several weeks ago, and the people have just followed. Stay tuned. If you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences.



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