Monday, May 7, 2018

Roanoke's Panhandling Map

In order to help citizens be aware of our area panhandling, here are some popular areas where you can typically find them at.

If you know of an area, please reach out to us and provide us with any information about the location, images or the like so we can post and share with the community.

We will be adding photos of each location soon and update it on a regular basis as citizens report to the group.

If you have a location, send us an email.

The purpose of our online map is the following: 

  • To help show Roanoke city and Roanoke County police departments where these hot spots are located.
  • To inform the public so they can be prepared in knowing common places to expect panhandling on a given day.
  • To help organizations better design laws to help combat and reflect panhandling. 


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